Privacy Policy

As of March 18, 2023.

This policy states our privacy practices that are in place for all online and mobile services and platforms including without limitation websites and mobile applications (hereinafter referred to as "the Services" or "the applications") that are provided by and operated under Toronto Crewing Ltd (more commonly known as "Tdot Water Taxi"). Throughout the duration of this policy, the terms "We", "us", and "Tdot Water Taxi" refer to Toronto Crewing Ltd. The term "you" refers to you as the user of the Services.

1. Information We Collect and How We Collect It

1.1 Information We Collect

We may collect your email, your first name, your last name, if you submit it to us. We also may collect the device identifier of your hardware device. We also may collect payment information, if provided to us. We may also collect and track the number of times you use the Services, if you register for and use the Services. Lastly, we collect any feedback you may give to us.

1.2 How We Collect Your Information

1.2.1 Registration

Upon registration, we require you to submit your first name, last name and your email in order to use the majority of the Services, especially those in our mobile applications. You also have the option of submitting your phone number to us. You submit this information by filling in the provided text fields containing the approriate data.

1.2.2 "Edit Account Details" page

In the 'Account' menu of our mobile applications, you have the option to navigate to the 'Edit Account Details' page. This page contains a form that allows you to makes changes to your first name, your last name and your phone number attached to your profile. If changes are made and new information is provided by you, we collect this information. You submit this new information to us by filling in the provided text fields containing the approriate data.

1.2.3 Payments

If you make a purchase using the Services, for example, purchasing tickets, we collect your payment information and payment credentials in order to process the financial transaction. We collect this information from a one-time-use payment token generated by API's such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

2. How We Use Your Data

2.1 Email

We use your email to contact you for purposes relating to authentication, account updates and company updates. These purposes include without limitation providing verification codes to you, sending order receipts to you after you make a purchase with us, a registration welcome email after you complete account registration, and for contacing you about issues regarding your account such as for refunds you initiate, for suspicious activity associated with your account, and for confirmation emails after you redeem tickets. By using the Services, you agree to receive these emails from us.

2.2 First Name and Last Name

Your name(s) are used for greeting purposes within the Services and in emails that we send to you. We may also use your name(s) to identify you in-person when redeeming tickets and rewards.

2.3 Device Information

When you use our mobile applications, we use your unique device identifier that is associated with your hardware device to help us identify your account and acccess your account data in order for us to be able to display your account information within the Services.

2.4 Payment Information

We use your payment information, if provided by you, to process financial transactions that you initiate while using the Services. Our third-party payment processor, Square, may store parts of your payment information. Although Tdot Water Taxi does not directly store nor retain any of your payment information after the financial transaction has been completed, we have access to the parts of your payment information that Square stores when they process the transaction, which may include without limitation the last 4 digits of your payment card. See Section 3.1 for more details.

2.5 Phone Number

We use your phone number to contact you for various authentication and account data dispute purposes, including but not limited to sending verification codes, inquiring or informing you about suspicious activity related to your account or other general issues related to your account that we deem is important for you to know about, such as for conflicts with your tickets.

2.6 Number of Sign Ins

If you register an account with the Services, we use the number of times you sign in to your account for analyitcal purposes. We may also issue you a free reward after reaching a certain, arbitrary number of sign-ins as chosen by us.

3. The Sharing of Your Data with Third Parties

3.1 Payment Information

If you make a payment through the Services, your payment information is shared to our third-party payment processor, Square ("Block Inc."), who processes the financial transaction. We can confirm that Square has meaningful security measures in place to protect your data and information, however, we cannot guarantee the privacy of your information on behalf of Square. For Square's full privacy policy, visit their website or click on this link:

3.2 Phone Number

If you provide us with your phone number and choose to receive a verification code by text message to your phone number, we use a third-party automated text message provider, Vonage, for sending your verification code. Vonage may store your phone number for a set period of time. For Vonage's privacy policy, visit this link:

4. Data Deletion/Retention

4.1 Deletion of Your Account/Data

If you would like to delete your account and its data, you can do so by going to 'Edit Account Details' in the 'Account' section of our mobile applications and scrolling to the bottom of the screen. You can also contact us at Please note, if you request to delete your account, we may ask to verify your identity before proceeding with the request. To verify your identity, we may ask to see a valid piece of government-issued identification.

4.2 Retention of Your Data

Once your account is deleted, your email, your first and last names, and your phone number are also deleted, if you provided this information to us. Any existing tickets and rewards points in your account will also be deleted. We are not responsible for the recovery of any data or information that you provided to use while using the Services, as well as any tickets or rewards points you had in your account prior to account deletion.

Modifications to this Policy

In the event we make any modifications to the Privacy Policy, your use of the Services after we make modifications to the Privacy Policy means that you accept the modified Privacy Policy. If you disagree with this Policy, you cannot use the Services.

Data Security Information

While we implement numerous security processes and measures to ensure the privacy and protection of your information and data, such as HTTPS, SSL, data encryption and Two-Factor Authentication for server sign-ons, we cannot guarantee the protection of your information and data when transmitting your information and data through the Internet.

By using the Services, you hereby consent to this Privacy Policy.